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Are you interested in issues related to migrant justice? Are you interested in MJC's mission? Whether you're a migrant or an ally, become a member or get involved as a volunteer! 


Please identify which of the following tasks you could contribute to. We'll be in touch when the need arises on our side!

Become A Member

Becoming a member of the Migrant Justice Clinic (MJC) will allow you to:

  • To be informed of our activities and mobilization campaigns
  • To receive our newsletter.
  • To participate free of charge in all the organization's activities, including training courses
  • To get involved in the organization's democratic life by attending general meetings
  • To have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • To nominate yourself for election to the MJC Board of Directors

Being a member requires no additional commitment on your part, and you are free to participate in our activities if you wish. Becoming a member does not confer any privileges about representation services. You may decide at any time to cease to be a member. It's free! There is no fee to become a member

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