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Our Political Stances

For the abolition of visa restrictions, reimposed on Mexican nationals

March 2024: The Migrant Justice Clinic regrets and denounces the federal government's decision to re-impose a visa requirement for Mexicans wishing to travel to Canada. We believe that this is a discriminatory measure and a step backwards in terms of immigration law. Everyone should have the right to freedom of movement—no restriction should inhibit a group of people because of their origins. We encourage Canada to reverse its decision, and to instead adopt an approach that welcomes those wishing to come to Canada.

For the abolition of immigration detention

February 2024: The Migrant Justice Clinic supports the abolition of immigration detention.

The MJC joins the many organizations calling for the abolition of immigration detention. We believe that people should not be punished for exercising their mobility rights - rather, we recognize the legitimacy of the freedom to move. This position is part of a broader vision which prioritizes the safety and well-being of migrants with precarious status, and of all human beings on the move. The MJC seeks to support the security of all persons seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

For this to be possible, we must challenge prejudice and ensure that migrant families are not arbitrarily separated, unfairly criminalized, (re-)traumatized and detained indefinitely simply because they have crossed a border. A first step is to support the abolition of immigration detention in Canada.

For a ceasefire in Palestine

November 2023: The Migrant Justice Clinic has endorsed the position of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) in "urging Canada to call for an immediate and durable ceasefire to protect civilians in Palestine and Israel, as well as a humanitarian corridor in Gaza".

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