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Migrant Justice Clinic

Territorial Acknowledgement

The Migrant Justice Clinic is situated on the territory of the Kanien'kehá:ka nation. Tiohtiá:ke (“where the rivers meet”) – what we call Montréal – has also long been a meeting place for many other Indigenous nations.

We recognize that the Kanien'kehá:ka nation has legitimate jurisdiction over the lands on which we stand: there was never an agreement to cede these lands to settlers — Europeans forced the Kanien'kehá:ka off of their lands and have occupied them ever since.

We support the diverse forms of resistance led by Indigenous nations. At the time of writing, the Kanien'keha:ka of Kahnawa:ke are fighting to reclaim 45,000 acres of land taken without their consent, while the Kanien'keha:ka of Kanehsata:ke are opposing environmental racism as a construction dump further threatens their territory.

We encourage our members to get to know the land on which we stand, and to get involved in anti-colonial and indigenous struggles and resistance in Tiohtiá:ke, Montréal and beyond.

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