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Our organization


Our mission

The Migrant Justice Clinic (MJC) is a non-profit community legal clinic based in Montreal. We defend the civil, political and socioeconomic rights of migrants with precarious status by providing holistic legal services and supporting the struggles of migrants in the community.

Our vision

We believe that a holistic approach is needed to best respond to the complex and multidimensional effects of the immigration process.

To this end, we take a three-pronged approach to migrant justice work, combining legal service provision with collective advocacy and public legal education.

Specifically, our work is comprised of: (1) Public legal education and information (2) Legal representation and psychosocial accompaniment and (3) Community organizing and collective advocacy.

This approach is supported by our team as well as our Board of Directors.

Note of Appreciation

The Migrant Justice Clinic is a collective project, made possible by the many committed and generous people who believe in and support this work. It is with immense gratitude that we thank:

Our Founding Members: Mylène Barrière, Anne-Marie Bellemare, Hélène Bérubé, Camille Bonenfant-Martin, Marissa Doucet, Arthur Durieux, Amine Hamdi, Annick Legault, Pierre Lemay et Maryse Poisson.

The members and users of our services

The many partners and allies of the MJC

The invaluable support of: Juripop et Ouellet Nadon et associéEs

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