The MJC's activities will take place in three areas of action

Component 1: Public Education and Legal Information

  • Information sessions relevant to the different stages of the migration process for asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers and non-status persons and self-help groups for these same target populations
  • Information sessions for community and institutional workers to support them in their interventions with these same target populations
  • Information resource for organizations and the legal community, particularly in terms of the interaction between different areas of law

Component 2: Legal and psychosocial representation and support 

  • Representation in refugee and immigration law and related areas of law, legal information and referral
  • Psychosocial support for individuals represented by MJC staff
  • Referrals to existing resources and Navigator support for litigants not represented by MJC staff

It should be noted that MJC will establish a law firm to carry out this second component of its activities. The incorporation of the firm is pending. 

Component 3: Community organizing and collective advocacy

  • To carry out popular education activities and self-help groups
  • Organize and participate in social mobilization activities
  • Advocacy and representation before political and administrative bodies
  • Conducting non-partisan analyses of social issues affecting MSPs
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